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Voyage is a mindful journaling platform that gives you insights into your written feelings, and meditation based on your entries.

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Gain the benefits of journaling.

Get insights into your mood.

Discover themes over space time.

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your mood

Voyage is a journaling app that analyses your written entries to give you the data behind your words. See the progression of your wellbeing and notice when you need to do something to boost your mood.

Sentiment Analysis

Get data on how positive or negative your journal entries are and how strong those feelings are.

Mood Tracking

View how your mood has changed based on your journal entries over the last thirty days.

Word cloud

See your most common words at a glance across all your journal entries in Voyage to get further insights.

Journey through your mind with a little help.

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Hi, I'm Dan

Ever since I was diagnosed with depression 15 years ago, I've been fascinated with learning more about how my brain works, trying to be more mindful and figuring out how to navigate my good and not so good days.

I built Voyage to try and help me and other data-driven folks out there explore their thoughts. I hope it does.

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